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Meet Jennifer Dempsey

ROCKIN’ CROSS RANCH has been built up from my passion to create art in any form I can. Whether it’s creating a jewelry piece from turquoise and silver to building furniture and artwork from reclaimed wood. I just keep expanding ideas to build upon. I’ve been focusing mainly on building wood art, reclaimed wood furniture, and wood tables. Creating all my designs is important to me so my pieces are authentic and one of a kind.

I’m a Montana girl, born and raised. Art and working with my hands has and always will be a mainstay in my life. Being able to create pieces for all of you to have in your home has been quite an amazing reward. It’s just a one-woman show creating and building each piece, one at a time. This isn’t a big production so I hope that you all know how much time and love goes into everything I build.

I’ll start with a few designs of tables and build from there. If there’s some different colors or designs you’re wanting definitely let me know! I can make those ideas into a custom piece just for you. Thanks for stopping by, I hope to be able to create something for your home. Who knows, if I keep growing maybe this one-woman show will get some help!

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Jennifer Dawe Dempsey Rockin Cross Ranch